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Chronicle of Events

Events in 2014

1、In Jan. Wuhan Youji Qianjiang Xinyihong Chemical Co., Ltd. Phase-II project---benzyl chloride project was put into production. 2、The party committee of 千亿国际|电脑版 directly under the party committee of Qiaokou District, takes part into the second mass line educational practice activity. On Feb. 18, corporate party committee established a leading group to deploy and supervise the activities of grassroots party branches, which passed inspection and acceptance on Dec. 16. 3、On Mar.1, approved by Industrial and Commercial Administrative Department, Wuhan Xinkang Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary under 千亿国际|电脑版, was established. The equipment engineering department of 千亿国际|电脑版 was renamed Wuhan Xinkang Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. 4、 On Mar. 24, 千亿国际|电脑版 was selected as the responsible person member unit of the 5th board of directors of China Food Additives & Ingredients Association. 5、On Jul. 11, 千亿国际|电脑版 was selected into “2013 Food Additives Industry Top 10 Enterprise” and “China Food Additives Industry Top 10 Enterprise” in four consecutive years, co-organized by China National Light Industry Council and China Food Additives & Ingredients Association. 6、On Sept. 28, the benzyl alcohol project of Wuhan Youji Qianjiang Xinyihong Chemical Co., Ltd. was completed and put into trial production. 7、On Dec. 12, 千亿国际|电脑版 signed strategic cooperation agreement with a global professional life science and material science company DSM Group. 8、On Dec. 15, deputy mayor of Wuhan City Qin Jun and the leaders from Public Security Bureau and Fire Department of Wuhan City inspected the fire safety of Wuhan Youji. 9、In Dec., 千亿国际|电脑版 was honored with 2014 Organic Chemical High-quality Customer issued by Sinopec Chemical Commercial Holding Company Limited Central China Branch, being one of 2014 top 15 organic chemical high-quality customers of Sinopec Chemical Commercial Holding Company Limited Central China Branch. 10、 On Dec. 31, benzyl chloride that Wuhan Youji headquarters has produced nearly 60 years was shut down and removed according to governmental requirements.

Events in 2013

1、In Mar. 2013, general manager Zou Xiaohong was rated “Hubei Young and Middle-aged Expert with Outstanding Contribution” by Hubei provincial party committee and Hubei provincial people’s government. 2、In Mar. 2013, glutaral industrialization project was approved with special project award. 3、On Apr. 13, 2013, Yangpu Chemical in Dongxihu District broke out of disastrous fire, and corporate rescue team arrived at the scene of fire at the first time, which was given by municipal government an award presented by deputy mayor of Wuhan City Shao Weimin. 4、In Apr. 2013, the application of “XINKANG” for Hubei Provincial Famous Trademark has been accepted. 5、 In May 2013, “XINKANG” was rated “Wuhan Famous Trademark”. 6、In May 2013, the company was rated “Qiaokou District Social Fire Safety Advanced Unit”. 7、In Jul. 2013, Wuhan Xinkang Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established and put into operation. 8、In Sept. 2013, manufacturing method of benzoic acid obtained letter of patent. In Nov., manufacturing method of benzoglycol obtained letter of patent. In Dec., refining method of glutaral obtained the certificate of achievement registration. 9、In Oct., 2013, the reconstruction of completely-continuous distillation of fourth factory was completed. 10、In Dec. 2013, benzyl chloride project in the first factory was removed into Qianjiang and put into trial operation.  

Events in 2012

1、In January, the company was rated as "City Hall Wuhan Wuhan city safe production advanced unit". 2、In January, food grade benzoic acid produced by the company successfully achieved the food grade benzoic acid industrial production permit, it lays the foundation for the further development of domestic and foreign markets for our company to expand the scale of production, benzoic acid. 3、In February 8th, a new process of benzyl alcohol waste two benzyl ether production of benzyl acetate by the year 2011 the Wuhan Science and technology progress prize three. 4、In February 13th, the company's overall relocation project groundbreaking ceremony was held in Wuhan Chemical Industrial Zone, North Lake Industrial Park, Li Hongzhong, Ruan Chengfa, Tang Liangzhi and other leaders attended the ceremony. 5、In March 3rd, the company is in Hubei province food and Drug Administration named   “ Hubei pharmaceutical industry ten strong enterprises, ” “ Hubei pharmaceutical industry exports ten strong companies, ” this is my company for the first time in the field of medicine even won two awards heavy weight. 6、In April 28th, general manager of the company Zou Xiaohong was awarded the “ Wuhan fifteenth session of the working model of ” the title of honor. 7、May 18th to 20, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, Premier Wen Jiabao came to Wuhan city to conduct research on the situation of economic operation, Wuhan organic as business representatives were invited to participate in the forum to report to the prime minister. 8、In June 10th, Wuhan Qianjiang two new organic Yihong project started, marking the company's relocation work started chloride products. 9、In August 8th, the company to produce benzoic acid energy comprehensive utilization project has been officially approved by the national development and Reform Commission, was included in the national plan of “ in 2012 to implement energy-saving technological transformation of financial rewards program (the first batch) ”. In November, the production of energy comprehensive utilization project of benzoic acid by Wuhan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau named the 2012 Wuhan Science and technology progress prize two. 10、In August 28th, Wuhan organic re elected by the Federation of light industry and Chinese Chinese food additives and Ingredients Association jointly organized the 2011 Annual “ food additive industry top ten enterprises ” by tenth last year, ranking rose to fourth place this year.
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